5 things I learned while cycling for 80Kms towards Gujarat.

Instead of replacing my running shoes, last month I bought a bike instead and finished 550kms with one long trip of 80kms till Manor –  NH48 Maharashtra and back home. It has been a great month and I am pushing hard for a 100km/day soon. During these rides, I have learned few beautiful lessons of life.

Set a Goal
Before you pedal, set a measurable goal. Your goal needs to be realistic, so you can work towards it and achieve it. Set small goals in the beginning and then push for big ones. Your small victories will lead you to bigger battles.



Focus on the finish line
Don’t bother yourself with any other thoughts until your goal is achieved. While riding on the 10th Km, I had second thoughts of turning back. I could clearly visualize my soft, relaxing couch. But, these were my distractions, which I had to shake off my shoulders. It’s really easy to give up. However, it takes hard work and consistent efforts to achieve major goals.


Don’t give up. It may be the last mile to finish line
Negative thoughts will always hover around you when you are exhausted. Don’t let yourself get distracted. It does not matter how slow you pedal. What matters is the finish line.


Greet strangers. They will motivate you
While cycling all alone on the highway NH48, I met few other cyclists. Many were faster than me but I did overlap a few of them. At a junction, these cyclists shared that they had travelled farther than me. They gave me some tips, which motivated me to push hard towards the finish line. Meeting new people keeps you excited and energized because they are always ready to offer support and encouragement to you.

Take breaks and enjoy nature
It is okay to take short breaks. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just enjoy the moment. Taking a break refuels your energy. Take pictures, selfies and capture those beautiful moments. Allow yourself some relaxation.


Life is not a race, but there is a finish line
What matters is how we evolve during the process of unfolding mysteries of life. Do we settle for less or push hard to become better men and women towards perfection? That’s the million dollar question!