Compulsory Employee Vacations – Why They Exist

As stated by Factories Act there should be annual/earned leave of 12 working days granted for all the workers who have at least worked 240 days in a year. This almost two weeks vacation for the workers or employees plays a major role in raising the standard of their work and skills. The vacations may seem as a loss to the company as the employee is paid for holidays but on a different view to it, it does work for the benefit of it. Both the company and employee draw out goodwill from these off days.

Having a mandatory two-week vacation is necessary for all key employees. Here are some benefits of it:

  1. Enforcing the responsibility sense in other employees
    An employee shouldn’t be looked upon for the fact that only he or she understands the intricacies of the job. Being away for two weeks will force other employees to be less dependent on that one person and work independently with their own skills and expertise.
  2. Scope for Improvement.
    All of us get prisoned within our work life at some time or another. We do things just because it is what we are assigned and suppose to do. The process of training someone and then having the person do your tasks will lead to many new ideas and improvements or entirely new systems altogether. So you should definitely take your vacation to give yourself some time for relaxation and let others do needful.
  3. Two Weeks of new learning
    It will be a true win-win for employees have the opportunity to learn something new. Getting the chance to read more books or articles, or attend classes to improve skills and knowledge in their industry will develop an individual personality. It’s a great time to learn without any distractions and pursue your hobbies and passion.
  4. Makes a company Fail-Safe
    In a company, no single one should be irreplaceable. This policy helps to create backups to the key employees in one company. Everyone learns individuality and the company is ready to face any shortcomings in absence of their brightest employees.
  5. Making Employees realise About Their Abilities
    When you are pointed out separately it soon becomes clear whether or not you know what you are actually doing. Too often, we fear away from things we are not as good at or skilled at, and this process can be a push to overcome that reluctance often occurring.  On the other hand, if an employee who turned out to be amazed, it may bring about the realisation that the role is not right, and that it’s time to bring a change. He or she needs to work on that sphere during those off days.

We all need small breaks but a long one really helps us to ponder upon things which can help us to develop a particular skill, go on a long waited treck or just spend time with family. For a long-term goodwill, rather than race, you need to stop for a while and take time for your personal & professional development and also for the company you work in.