How to set goals for the life you want

We often hear that to make life better we must have goals set and ways to achieve them. We believe that our life will be a fairy-tale movie ending only if those goals are achieved. We turn absolutely workaholic thus hope for the better times to come walking to us on a red carpet and in the process, we end up making life more miserable.

So here’s how you can set the right goals for the life you actually desire:

1. Stop Setting Goals For The Wrong Reason 



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The first step to begin setting goals that will bring you a good life is to stop setting wrong goals that will bring you a hectic life.

Most of the goals we set are about a destination. “I want a lot of money.” “I want to be famous.” or “I want a life of zero stress.” If you have the tendency to set your goals based on the destination and don’t consider the journey then just try switching it the other way round.

2. Set A Goal For Creating A Journey 



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It is advisable that instead of setting life goals, start with setting a life direction first. Figure out the ways that would create entertainment and fun, meaningful, compelling journey towards a better life.

Ask yourself these questions:

• How should I want to spend my time?

• What daily activities make the lazy me want to act up?

• What do I want to acquire and learn?

• Who do I want to be friends with? Talk with and collaborate with?

Now you are ready to set your goal. Choose one that will start the journey you just thought of.

In fact, the specific goal you set is almost non-existent as it’s simply setting a direction so the pursuit itself will give you the life that you desire. With the right start to the journey, it won’t even matter if you meet your goal or not.

3. If The Goal stands to fail, Change It 


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As we said above that the goal is really just a way of making correct choices so that we take a meaningful journey towards better life. Some journeys are so much fun that people want continue on them forever. Many actors often say, “Why would I retire? What I do isn’t work; its pure fun!”

But in case your job is staring at a screen and filing TPS reports, you may not have a mutual feeling about that sentiment. If it becomes too much to bear after a point of time, keep in mind that you can always change your direction towards the life you dream of. Your set goal is there to give shape to your life in a way that pleases you, not enslaves you. If the pursuit of the goal is taking a toll on your life, then why keep continuing?

We adopt goals for one and the only reason that is to change our lives. Rather than setting a goal you hope will change your life once you reach it, make it the other way around. Choose the journey that will benefit you in the activities you do daily, personal growth, and relationships. Then select a goal that proves to be as a compass to give you direction towards the desired life in your journey.