Is there really anything as a good boss?

The role of management has changed over the past few years quite well. Though very few people realise it, the actual role of management was originally made to maintain the status quo and enforce rules, regulations and protocols. Bosses were supposed to push employees and extract the most from them. They would never have cared about engagement, empowerment, or anything related to employee benefits. Thinking about employees’ health and wellness or flexible work? These are all relatively novel concepts.

You might be looking for a good boss for a long time. But all you hear from people are complaining about how wicked their boss is. Wondering if a good boss really exists?

Here are few pointers to know if a boss is really good:

• Acts As A Guide

Guides and mentors are a powerful source of change. They help us all the time in our personal lives whether it be on the sports field, gym or a therapy session. So shouldn’t we have a guide in the workplace too? And who better to be that guide than your boss? Truly a good boss encourages and empowers their employees to achieve their goals. These bosses see beyond their official duty description to have a genuine interest in the success of employees. These bosses believe in lifting up employees, removing obstacles from their ways, and helping to become more successful than them.

• Understands Your Weaknesses uplifts your Strengths

It’s easy for us to point out the shortcomings of others. If something goes against what’s planned, the weaknesses are blamed for failure. It’s really hard to look past the weaknesses and instead focus on the strengths that an individual possesses. Really good bosses are the ones who are aware of the individual strengths of their employees. They always work to tap those as much as possible.

• Is interested to listen to you

A good boss wants to know your story and he/she wants to know you as a person. This can be as simple as saying, “How are you?” to taking employees out for coffee/lunch to spend time building a good relationship and asking them about their life.

• Accept to Vulnerability

Good Bosses embrace their own weaknesses. They pretend to be the all-knowing and all-powerful “boss.” Truly great bosses embraces vulnerability by sharing their story and who they are. All too often we hear stories and witness our boss act a certain way outside of work and then turn into a completely different type of person in the workplace, almost like a robot.

• Isn’t Conventional all the time

Most concepts, ideas, and execution in the organisations have been there for many decades. The world has changed so much in the past few years yet they are still stuck in a time warp. It might seem like we live in 2018 but work in 1975. Truly good bosses will understand that sometimes starting a trend is more valuable and important than trying to follow old ones. These are the bosses who don’t ask, “Why are things done this way?” but they embrace experimentation and challenging the status quo to come up with something better and modern.

So next time when your boss gives a piece of his/her mind don’t be prejudice and say he/she is a bad boss. Analyse him/her on the basis of the above points.