When should you consider taking a sabbatical from work?

More than often the daily routine can bore you to death (well, not literally, of course!). If you think about it, it is not a very unlikely event – you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, eat your food, go to work and then come back, eat your food and again go back to sleep just to do this all over again the next day. Now, who wants that? Of course, hundreds of bucks at the end of the month makes you want to do this over and over again. But how much? There is only so much one can take. So what you really need for yourself, is a little time. So a sabbatical does not seem like a very bad idea, does it? A lot of people consider sabbatical to be one to ruin their careers. They think this would reflect badly on their careers and people might take it badly. But one thing that people need to remember is ‘leave’ is something that each employee is entitled to receive. And if you are one of those who toils really hard all year long, then taking a leave will not affect your career or people’s impression of you. In fact, it will invigorate you and give you a new zeal to work when you come back. Why should you consider taking a sabbatical?

• If you feel too burned out from the work that you have to do every single day. It is quite humane to feel bored. So no one is judging!

• You might want to give your family a little time and that is completely justified. So often people take a year-long sabbatical to be close to their people. They might even take a vacation to another city during the time, away from the monotonous schedule of each other daily lives.

• Illnesses can make you take long leaves from your work. Often, doctors require you to rest during the post-illness period. So that is a good time for you to take a sabbatical.

• This may sound unorthodox, but you might wish to change careers and already having a job does not give you enough to concentrate on your alternative career. You then need to take time off from your present to focus on your alternative career (because you never know where you are going to shine. So think positive!) So happily upgrade your skills and proficiencies and be the best people are intimidated by.

Things to know about sabbaticals (before you are somehow inspired to take one!) –

• Surveys have shown that 20% of the employees get an unpaid sabbatical from work (if they wish to take one). Few companies offer month’s pay in full or in a fraction of the employee taking the sabbatical.

• Sabbaticals influence one’s personal attitude to a great extent. Some people can get depressed on doing so while others greatly evolve both personally and professionally. So take the sabbatical with the right attitude.

So, here is the suggestion for you – Say “yes” to sabbatical and help yourself some self-pampering as self-growth, both of which are extremely important for oneself.

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